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The maximum number of items is 100, please adjust the quantity and purchase again


Choose the size

Please select your text size when adding a shopping cart. There are four kinds of sizes to choose from: (with A as the measurement basis)

【S】 word width 0.6cm

【M】 word width of 1.2cm

【L】 word width of 1.8cm

【XL】 word width of 2.2cm

* Each style of the text of different proportions, the error of 0.05 ~ 0.2cm are normal range.

* Text length of more than 13cm will automatically break sentences, such as broken sentences caused by different patterns, can not be returned. (More than 13cm can be self-tailoring film re-arranged)

Stap2_Total Words

Enter your text in the purchase area【total words】, including numbers and punctuation.

Example: H. A Since 1945 = 12 words → Enter the number 12



* Please enter the correct yo (^ o ^) //


After picking all the items you want to buy, click on the shopping cart to check out. Check out to the third step【Order Confirmation】and enter your text in【Order Comment】 Confirmation to complete checkout.


* Please confirm that the text is correct! Can't be modified after the start of production!


【Customized goods must be paid before they can be made】