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DREAMINK:Membership Offers


$31.35 USD for Free Shipping (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau)



$99.00 USD in 6 months to buy , get 5% off.



$198.00 USD in 6 months to buy , get 10% off.



$330.00 USD in 6 months to buy , get 15% off.

How To Become a Member?

The DREAMINK membership offer is the benefit of long-term purchase of old customers

More to enhance the product warranty and service quality, as long as the cumulative consumption within six months to reach the amount,

Checkout will automatically discount,

If the next six months there are standards can continue to enjoy the benefits of this threshold Oh!


Join the member Please fill in the correct EMAIL and remember the password,

Thank you for joining ^ __ ^ !!


(Member benefits from time to time to add & update related offers)

Membership benefits will be effective at the next purchase. (The previous order must be picked up)